CraigsList - Cobra Starship

CraigsList - Cobra Starship
That's right. I'm like that band, Cobra Starship. I make the Good Girls Go Bad. Uh huh! Whatsup?

Check it out, the lyrics totally describe me:
I'll make them good girls go bad
I'll make them good girls
Good girls go bad
Good girls go bad
It's like I said, I make the good girls go bad.

Here are some more lyrics to make the point. I know your type (your type)
You're daddy's little girl
Just take a bite
One bite
Let me shake up your world

That's RIGHT! I'll shake up your damn WORLD!

Keep going Cobra Starship, tell them what I'll do.

You were hanging in the corner
With your five best friends
You heard that I was trouble
But you couldn't resist

That about covers it. So take off your clothes and send me a naked cameraphone picture of yourself. I'll take care of the rest.