Help A Man Find His True Calling

Help A Man Find His True Calling
Hey, I just realized something. What I originally thought was a negative thing about myself (small hands) could actually work well for me. My small hands mean that I have a really small fist.

This could be especially handy (I'm in such a great mood, I'm even punning) if you were a woman who wanted to try fisting, but were intimidated by the size of most fists. Also, if you didn't want to try a woman's fist because gay fisting is just too much for you, I am perfect. I have womanlike hands but I'm not a woman. I am a man with a non-small penis. Only my hands are small.

Anyway, if you think you would like to try fisting with me and my small fists, we would be just what you are looking for. I suppose I could meet you someplace and I'm guessing we will need some lube and rubber gloves (sized small!) but I could pick those up.

I'm not even sure what else is involved in fisting, but I bet we will figure it out quite quickly. Once my fist is inside there, do I wiggle it around or something? We will have to try some different hand movements and you can tell me if you like them. I think I can remember how to do the alphabet in sign language. J will be really tough though.

Anyway ladies, you'd better be ready, because now that I have realized I was born with a special gift for fisting, there is no stopping me. I hope my social calendar doesn't fill up too quickly. In the past I haven't been too busy. I wasn't very good at rock climbing, baseball, basketball or boxing because of my diminutive digits, but I'm ready to really give this fisting thing a go.

Thanks in advance for helping me find my true calling.