I Am An Adequate Sexual Partner

I Am An Adequate Sexual Partner
Hi, Iím Steve and when I have sex with a person, it is almost always adequate. Perhaps you would like to have sex with me?

I canít promise great sex. I know that many women like really great sex, but there are also thousands upon thousands of postings on here from men that promise great sex. I canít make that promise.

I know that some people like their sex really crazy. They like crazy stuff when it comes to sex. I donít do that sort of thing either. Iím not crazy when it comes to sex. You will have to find that elsewhere on craigslist.

Adequate is the correct word when describing sex with me. Here are some examples of why you would want adequate sex:

* If you were a woman whoís boyfriend had sex with another woman and you want to have sex with another man. Sex with me would satisfy that need. I can have sex with you and it would count for that.

* If you are tired of being alone and you want to feel the presence of a man inside of you, I can have sex with you and it will feel like that.

* If you are in a love your husband but wonder what it would be like to have sex with someone else, I can have sex with you and you will feel what it is like.

* If you are a sex addict or if you like to have sex with lots of men, I can be one of those men.

* If you want sex, but are a little frightened of the humongous penises posted here, I donít have a giant penis. Mine is adequate.

* If you want sex, but are concerned that a partner might have a small penis, I donít have a small penis. Mine is adequate.

* If you are the type of woman who gets easily attached to a man and once you have sex with him your brain starts to think about him all of the time, I am a good choice. Since sex with me is not so great, you will not be as inclined to think about me in such a way after we have sex.

* If your friends have all had sex with more partners than you and you are jealous, I can add one partner to your score without much trouble.

* If you are two women who have strong intimate feelings for each other, but donít want to be considered lesbians, you might want to have a man present. I suggest a man who is adequate at sex for this, like myself. I will participate enough that we can all be confident in our straightness.

You might be wondering what adequate sex is. I will try to describe what sex with me is like, so that I donít make any false promises.

* Sex with me occurs in a bed. In the summer, we probably wouldnít have the covers on. In the winter we will have the covers over us because that seems to provide the right temperature. Sometimes in winter my feet can be a little cold on your skin. I apologize for that.

* I donít smell bad. I shower daily and I have good oral hygiene. I floss about every three days. I know that I could floss more often, but I canít promise that. If you want me to floss right before our encounter, I can do that. I have some floss at home and at work.

* Iím usually communicative and polite about having sex, so if you want me to do something in particular, like rub slow circles around your nipples, I usually can do this. Sometimes though, I get distracted or overly excited and forget.

* I am disease free, but sometimes I might have some type of medication in my system. I have allergies, so it isnít unusually for me to take zyrtec, so I canít promise that I will be drug free.

* My appearance is adequate for a sexual partner. I might be better looking than the average guy, but not good looking enough that everyone wants to have sex with me.

* Orgasms: It wouldnít be fair if I didnít discuss orgasms and adequate sex. Here goes. Iím not going to lie about this in the hopes that you will have sex with me. I want to be honest about orgasms and sex with me. Dishonesty here would not be right. So, here is what will likely happen orgasm-wise during our sexual encounter. If you are the type of woman that usually has an orgasm during sex, you will probably have one. If you have an orgasm during sex about 50 percent of the time, you will have a one in two chance of having an orgasm during sex with me. If you have never had an orgasm in your life, Iím almost certain that sex with me isnít going to do that job. I canít offer to tackle that issue.

Final thoughts: My schedule is a little tight, not with other sexual trysts, but just with work and all of that stuff, so if you are writing, let me know a couple of days and times we can have sex and Iíll see if they work. We can meet for coffee first, Iíll even buy, I have a coupon for starbucks.