Tell Me About Your Tattoos

Tell Me About Your Tattoos

Let's talk tattoos. They say there is no more sincere form of self expression than the type of tattoo that you pick of the wall of the tattoo shop. I agree, so why don't you tell me about your body art. I'll listen. I know that really doesn't sound like much of a come-on, but that is what I can offer.

One day I was thinking, what do I have to offer women? I'm not that cute. I'm not that rich, and I'm not that suave. It was tough to find something I can provide to you.

Fortunately one day, I was talking to a girl who kept going on and on about her tattoo. It was obviously important to her. It just looked like a paw-print to me, but the way she explained it, this tattoo was a whole segment of her life. It represented all of the decisions she had ever made and every thought she had ever had. Her entire being was all expressed in this one piece of body art. Wow, I thought, this chick sure does like to talk about this tattoo. How boring.

Then, it hit me. My life is pretty boring and it doesn't seem to bother me! I have a high boredom tolerance, why not use it? I could be the only guy that will bother listening to women talk about their tattoos. The benefit of course, is that these women will want to show me the tattoos on their nether-regions. Awww Yeah!

So there you have it. You have tattoos. You want to talk about them. I'm the guy who wants to hear all about it. Tell me when you got them, what inspired you, what those characters actually say and what they mean to you. I'll do my best to listen and understand and then we can have sex.