I want a three-way so badly

I want a three-way so badly

My name is John and I want to have a three way so badly.

I want it so badly that I can taste the bitter aftertaste of the crappy cherry edible lubricant that I will buy at Lover's Lane beforehand.

I want a three way so badly that I can smell the muskiness of the center of each of the whores I will have to hire to make it happen.

I want a threesome so badly that I will buy college girls red-bull vodkas for the next 10 years.

So badly do I want two women to suck me off that I have condoms stashed in every possible location so that I will never miss the opportunity.

Two women at once is such a powerful fantasy that I don't care what they look like, act like, or even if they have washed recently.

Hell, I want it so badly, I will actually engage in foreplay and possibly in afterplay, although once the three way goes down, all bets are off.

I want a three way so badly that I will continue to claim that my penis size is "average" and by average you know that I mean kinda small. Afterall, I am a dude on Craigslist, so you know I'm lying.

Finding a woman that wants to have sex with me AND also wants to have sex with another woman at the same time is so important to me that I even read that stupid book "The Secret" in hopes that I could make it happen.

Fortunately, I have been visualizing the process occurring about three times a week now since I was 14, so pretty soon I am hopeful that a positive result will occur.

I would post a picture, but the only one that I have where I don't look dorky is ruined by the cold sore.