Valentine's Day.

Penthouse Letter 1 Valentine's Day

I wanted to write a letter to The Forum to describe a unique Valentine’s Day experience I had.  It was February 14th and some unattached friends and I were at a local bar.  We were sharing a few drinks when I noticed an attractive blond woman at the bar.  I am a fairly good looking guy and have had my share of eye contact in these types of situations.  This woman was looking at me with a special kind of look.

I had enough liquid courage in me to introduce myself.  It turns out Michelle was at the bar all alone.  Wouldn’t I like to join her?  Michelle looked to be in her mid twenties, with a slim figure and a firm chest.  She was fair skinned and blond.  She might even have been a real blond but I never care.

We found a table away from my drinking buddies.  As soon as I sat down Michelle began with that casual contact that is so arousing.  First she placed her hand on my knee, then touched my arm, then my face.  Before I knew it, we were sharing a long passionate kiss.  It was time to leave.

At her apartment, Michelle left me to open a bottle of wine while she slipped into something more comfortable.  When she returned she was wearing a red teddy and thong.  She looked fantastic!  I couldn’t believe my luck.  I held her firm, warm body against mine while we kissed.  In a passionate embrace we made our way to the bedroom.

In the bedroom I laid her lithe frame on the bed while I removed my clothes.  I was a little nervous while disrobing in front of her.  She encouraged me by telling me how strong I looked.  As I removed my shirt she told me she was eager to feel the heat of me on top of her.  It was turning me on.  I removed my shoes and socks, then my pants. 

As I stood there in my boxer shorts, Michelle could see my manhood bulging away.  I was as hard as I could be.  I pulled down my underwear to expose my penis.  As Michelle reached for it, my heart raced.  Soon her warm hand touched its shaft. I ejaculated.  My man juice coated the back of her wrist.  Some even shot wildly forward and landed on her disappointed face.