Penthouse Letter 6 New York City

Penthouse Letter 6 New York City

It had been a fairly boring party. I had drifted in and out of half a dozen conversations, discussions I'd had before and will have again. Then a tall redhead spoke the magic word "sex." My brain popped back into gear and I started to listen. The word "sex" had been preceded by the word "safe." She was arguing that anyone with a little imagination can still enjoy a casual encounter and remain safe.

I must admit that I was attracted by the idea. I hadn't had any encounters, casual or otherwise in entirely too long. I hung around and added my two cents to the topic. Soon Tracy was hanging on my words. "Would you like a refill?" I asked nodding at her drink. She would.

Soon Tracy and I were flirting away. I hoped that tonight would be our encounter. Toward the end of the night Tracy's girlfriends came by and asked if she wanted to leave. "Oh, Steve is going to take me home. You guys can go along" she said. It was an exciting way to let me know. My dick responded immediately.

On the ride home Tracy mentioned that she had something special in mind for me when we reached her place. When we got to her house Tracy excused herself to the bedroom to change. I sat and waited. When she returned she was wearing a hourglass black teddy. It looked fantastic against her fair skin and red hair. "I have something for you to wear" she said. "Put these on" she quipped in a fairly demanding tone. It caught me by surprise.

When I looked at what Tracy had handed me it appeared to be a pair of panties and some fishnet nylons. I looked at her quizzically and she repeated "Put them on". I figured I had nothing to lose I went into the bathroom and looked at these foreign objects. there were two fishnet nylon stocking and one red pair of panties with what appeared to be three leg holes. .I put on the underwear first and my dick popped out of the center hole. I guess they were crotchless panties. The nylons I put on next. I have a lot of hair on my legs and they just looked stupid.

I felt like a total ass. I wasn't being humiliated so much as I had been disappointed. I was practically limp. In the other room Tracy said I looked "so pretty". It did nothing for me but I kept my mouth shut. Tracy started to play with herself. I asked if she needed any help and she said "Oh no, we are keeping our hands to ourselves".

Tracy laid down on the bed and exposed her sex to me. While she was masturbating she had me stand at the foot of the bed in my costume. Normally, I would consider watching a beautiful woman masturbate to be a very erotic moment. At this time I was merely confused. Whenever I would feel my penis getting hard I would look down at the poor fellow and see him popping out from the red lacy underthings he did not belong in.

Eventually, Tracy appeared to have enough of me and I certainly had enough of this. I gave her a peck on the cheek and left. She told me she would "never forget me".

I wanted to let Penthouse letters know that this woman is a total fruitcake and that any readers should just avoid her dumb sex game. Thanks in advance for publishing this warning.

Signed, Not Pretty in New York City.