Penthouse Letter 7 Working Late

Penthouse Letter 7 Working Late

It was going to be a late day at the office. Our HTML directory had become mixed up with the sectors that control the server farm. We were sunk.

Becky and I would have to spend the entire evening loading 8 1/2 inch floppy disks into the hard drive. This was going to take forever. "What a bitch" I exclaimed. Becky sat up straight in her airfoil office chair. "Not you" I said with a laugh "This assignment is going to take all night." I'll be up until 3 in the morning doing it.

"I wish I could have a man that would stay up until 3 in the morning doing it" Becky said. She was a heck of a tease. I told her that if she stayed here with me I would do my best to keep it going. Becky thought that would be fun. We quickly grabbed the bottle of French bourbon that I keep in my desk for late night work.

After a few drinks and few floppy disks had been magnafluxed we were having a good time. Becky wanted to talk about which of the office girls had the nicest breasts. Everyone in the office knew that Becky did. I guess she was just insecure. I told her that I thought she had the nicest breasts in the office. Becky asked if I wanted to see them. "I sure do" I said. Becky unbuttoned her blouse and let her breast free. They were fantastic. She was probably about 110 lbs and 36-24-42DD with Oreolas the size of a silver dollar.

Becky's long dark hair was sexy as well. She had undone her hair it was draping down by her chest. I love long haired women and Becky sure was beautiful. We started to kiss very passionately. Her tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth and it was really turning me on.

I started to undress Becky. I took off her panties, then her panty hose, her skirt, and then her belt. Finally, I removed her shoes and licked her toes while I did it. Becky was in full heat now. Her juicy pussy was waiting for me.

"Rub my cerebellum" Becky said. I did. I rubbed that moist knob until she really started to purr. Then I used my fingers to spread her uvula and put another finger inside her the walls of her angina. She was really ready for me now. I pulled out my cock and stuffed it inside her sugar walls. She really started to buck and moan as I drove her crazy. Her pleasure really set me off and I could feel the seaman rush through my corroded artery.

The next time I have to reboot a linux I hope that Cindy stays late with me again.