Penthouse Letter 8 Loose Cheerleader

Penthouse Letter 8 Loose Cheerleader

As a young girl I had a wild first sexual experience. I was a horny teen. I didn't know much about men but I knew that I wanted sex. I wanted it badly.

As early as I can remember I had been masturbating. I would take all sorts of items and insert them inside my pussy. I had a vast assortment of items that I would use. Mostly, they were smoothly textured bottles from various cosmetics and toiletries. Looking back, it seemed amazing that some of these product packages made it past the censors. They had bumps, ridges, and bulbous tips just like what I imagine a penis would look like.

When I reached high school, I joined the cheerleading squad. It was fun. We talked about boys and we got to see all of the guys in their uniforms. I was boy crazy and this was the place for me. After practice I would head home and go right to my room. When I was upstairs I would drop my lollipop pants and grab one of my bottles. I would screw myself silly thinking about the guys on the football squad. Sometimes I would imagine that they were sticking the football or a baseball bat inside me. I would fill myself up and rub my clit in a frenzy. I would come and come and come.

One day I tried to sneak into the boys locker room so that I could see some of the boys naked. I managed to get halfway into the locker room before I was caught. The athletic director happened to be leaving the side exit at the time. He knew exactly what I was trying to do. "Come with me young lady" he said. He dragged me to his office. "You have been very bad. I know exactly what you were trying to do".

"If you want to see a naked man, I'll show you a naked man" he explained. I knew that what he was going to do was very wrong but I didn't care. "I wanted to see a cock and I didn't care who it belonged to.". The athletic director was an older man and he wasn't very attractive but he seemed willing to show me his tool. I sat quietly thinking about what was happening while he angrily took off his pants. I couldn't believe it.

When he pulled down his boxer shorts I gasped. "Yeah! he explained. This cock is bigger than anything those little boys are packing". Now I have learned that indeed he did have a fairly large penis. My mistake is that I had been masturbating with much, much larger devices. Even the small deodorant can that I had been using was much larger than a man's penis. The full size shampoo bottle that I had been eagerly thrusting into my pussy was even bigger still.

I have spent my entire adult life disappointed.