Penthouse Letter 9 The Chicken Shack

Penthouse Letter 9 The Chicken Shack
Dear Penthouse Letters:

I have read your magazine for many years and didn't think that I would ever write. Well, today after years of not writing I figured that it was time that I put pen to paper and wrote a letter.

After deciding that I would write a lette,r I had to find something to write about. I would try my best.

Just like some of the people that write into your magazine I too am a stilled tradesman. I am a toolmaker by trade. Unfortunately, my job puts me in contact with very few women. Mostly I talk to my co-workers and my foreman. Most of the day, however I spend working making stamping tooling. At the end of the day I usually head home. Sometimes I stop at a store to buy beer or a restaurant to pickup dinner for my family. Today wasn't much different at first.

On the way home, I stopped into the local chicken shack to get a bucket of chicken and some potatoes. I asked for the potatoes without butter because they are usually very greasy. The attractive blond behind the counter gave me a smile. "I like mine without butter too" she said.

Later, after my family had finished eating dinner and my wife had stood up to clean up the kitchen table, I pinched her butt. When she looked down at me, I tried to wink. I can only get it right about half the time, but my wife knows what I wanted. She smiled.

Later, after the kids went to bed, I took a warm shower so that I could wash off some of the grime of the shop. My wife was in bed without her P.J.'s on. I slid in beside her and gently stroked her back. She rolled back toward me and I could feel the heat of her body. We began to make love and it certainly felt fantastic. Eventually, I got to thinking about that blond at the chicken shack and how cute she looked.

Soon I envisioned the blond rubbing the butter all over my erect penis and then inserting it into her mouth. The thought of that smooth butter and her mouth suction allowed me to reach orgasm before my wife tired of my gyrations. My wife said that it felt fantastic.

Thanks in advance for printing my letter.